Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price


Same rules as always kids! No looking at the episodes while answering these questions. That's cheating, and where's the fun in that?

  • What's the name of the air bands drummer?

  • How long has he been sober?

  • Why hasn't JD "hit it" in awhile?

  • Name 3 clutsy things Julie does

  • How does JD scare Julie away after thier first date?

  • How did Dr. Cox's father show him affection?

  • What did Elliot tell JD to say next time he was in a romantic setting with Julie?

  • JD sends Elliot a text that says what after hooking up with Julie?

  • JD and Julie get a picture of themselves on what?

  • Why does Dr. Cox initially refuse to treat Mrs. London?

  • What does Dr. Cox do to Lonnie for looking at him?

  • What's the Air Bands name?

  • What does JD build on his new property?

  • JDs neighbors offer to sell him what?

  • How does Turk stop Dr. Kelso from complaining?

  • Why does the Janitor want to wait till gene modifaction becomes available to have kids?

  • What does JD do whenever he gets lucky?

  • What does Dr. McHead want Julie to hide in her basement?

  • How does Julie win over Turks trust?

  • What annoying habit does Julie have?

  • Why does JD break up with her?

  • How old is Carla? How old does she say she is?

  • Extra Credit: What song does turk audition to get into the air band? (Hint: Elliot loves this artist as well as U2)
    Side Note: Mandy Moore is probably the hottest guest star in Scrubs history, and lucky for us Scrubs watchers, this was her first on screen lesbian kiss ;)

    Thank you everybody who attempted the last post and/or showed your interest in keeping this community alive! You keep guessing and I'll keep asking!
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