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Scrubs Trivia - We Know It All

Scrubs Trivia - Because We Know it All
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Hey everybody! Welcome to the official Trivia location for the AMAZING show called Scrubs. Many thought that it didn't have staying power but it's been going strong for quite some time now and I doubt it will be leaving any time soon. So sit back and relax with us as we see who knows the most about the useless details found within the many Scrubs episodes we've all spent countless hours watching.

If you have any questions you think would make a good addition to my weekly drill let me know via AIM. My screen name is NIUPRICE, and if I'm away, I'll still read your aim once I get back to my PC.

Other then that, feel free to test your wits against your fellow Scrubs watchers. I'll be awarding points and whoever has the most by the end of the contest will recieve some sort of prize from the Scrubs website.

Scrubs is Love
Scrubs is Love

This has to be the BEST color bar ever.