Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price

Past Quizs

For my own sake, I decided to repost Quizs 1 and 2 here. Feel free to answer them again but I highly doubt I'll be giving out points for these since they've already been done.

QUIZ 2 <Original Copy>
New Episode Questions:
Re-runs... blah.

Past Trivia:
Dr. Cox always calls JD by a girls name, but for a short while he was calling him by a different catagory of names. What type of names were used and why?
What is JDs Dream Job?
What does nurse tidell do every morning at 8 am?
TCW = ?
Jordan originally wanted to name Jack what?

QUIZ 1 <Original Copy>
This week:
Why wasn't JD able to finish telling Turk about his fake sex story?
Who makes up the new Brain Trust?
What is JD's penis' name and nationality in this episode?
Why isn't Margo in the scene where Dr. Cox destroy the Janitors van?

General Questions:
JD recieved a journal from a patient, what was on the cover?
According to Turk, why did he get diabetes?
Carla and Elliot got into a cat fight, Elliot lost her watch Carla lost what?
What is Carlas ethnicity?
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