Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price

Hello Fellow Trivia Geeks!

Hello All. Welcome to the Scrubs Trivia community. I'll be posting weekly (so long as I keep up with it, I have a life too ya know) quizes on here and awarding points to people that come up with the best responses. Not just the correct responses, but the BEST responses. That doesn't mean spam rediculous answers all the time... actually TRY to get stuff correct because I'll give out points for that. It's just based on how I feel at "grading time" :p Once I decide to restart the points, I will award the top scorer some kind of Scrubs related prize. Most likely a T-Shirt or something from thier website.

For your first chance at points, I'm going to need a community icon, and a layout design. If you are good at either of these and would like to donate your talents to the community please submit your ideas to me. You might get points, you might get the honor of having your work published :P depends on how many people submit stuff.

Well kiddies, that's it for now. I'll try to post a quiz soon just to get this community off and running.
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