Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price

End of Season 5 - Start of Season 6

Same rules as always kids! No looking at the episodes while answering these questions. That's cheating, and where's the fun in that?

  • Why does Dr. Cox use Keith as a human test dummy for chest tubes?

  • What makes women invisible to JD?

  • Where does the janitor perform his stand up comedy acts?

  • What is the janitors alleged screen name on the hospitals web site?

  • What did the janitor buy with some of Dr. Kelsos spare pickle jar money (multiple possibilities)?

  • Why does Dr. Kelso wear golf shorts in the spring?

  • What is JD's deck used for?

  • What song does Teds band sing at Carla's baby shower?

  • What song is playing in the background as JD and Kim ride horses bareback down the beach?

  • What concert was Elliot and Kim supposed to go to?

  • What causes Jack vietnam flash-backs?

  • What is Turks new ringtone?

  • How many pregnancy tests did Kim use?

  • What trend did Turk bring back?

  • JD tries to run away from the "Deck Queens" by hiding on stage with what band?

  • Is the Janitor insane for wanting to make the hospital water tight?

  • Why do the interns page Dr. Cox during his workout?

  • How does Dr. Cox decide to punish the interns for the page?

  • What activities were recently crossed of Dr. Cox's "Me-Time" list?

  • What myth does Keith and Ted test out?

  • What song does Kim cry to during surgery?

  • What's unique about Kim's conception?

  • What does the Janitor refill his window cleaner bottle with to freak people out?

  • Why does Elliot start treating all the interns as if they were her children?

  • What's Kim's last name?

  • Why does Turk help the janitor paint JD like a flag?

  • Enjoy and good luck.... don't cheat :)
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