Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price


Same rules as always kids! No looking at the episodes while answering these questions. That's cheating, and where's the fun in that?

  • How does Elliot try to chear JD up after his break up?

  • What does JD put in the shower? What does Elliot?

  • How does Dr. Cox get his patient to pass out?

  • How does Elliot get to work?

  • how does Turk know Mrs. Wilkes?

  • How much does JD pay the Janitor to move his bed?

  • Who is Elliots booty call?

  • Why doesn't Dr. Itor want people to know he goes to the bar with Dr. Cox?

  • What surprise did Turk get Carla for her birthday?

  • What gross thing did Elliot ask of JD when they were dating?

  • Name 2 different nicknames JD gives his interns.

  • Why is Keith late?

  • What going away gifts does Patricia get?

  • What's the number one cause of death in the hospital?

  • Why did Cabbage get Saturday off to see King Kong?

  • Who is Sanchiez?

  • Why is Turk upset with Elliot?

  • Try to keep up.... i'm trying to get to our current episodes :)
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