Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price


Same rules as always kids! No looking at the episodes while answering these questions. That's cheating, and where's the fun in that?

  • Why's Doug dragging a body?

  • What's Elliots egg named this month? Last?

  • What's Dr. Cox's sisters name?

  • What can't Pat Casey do?

  • Penis = ? Vagina = ? Cervical Muccus =?

  • What does Dr. Cox do every morning?

  • What did Dr. Jan Itor do in China?

  • What things does Turk say to Carla to get her upset?

  • What does J.D. steal from the asian couple?

  • What would J.D.'s prison name be?

  • What's worse then a baby?

  • Who's bike did J.D. borrow?

  • How much pain is Mr. Pell in? The Todd?

  • Who's a Vietnam war Vet?

  • How many people were in the 2003 staff picture?

  • What does Elliot look like on her drivers license?

  • What lured Turk outside to the photo?

  • What kind of muffins does J.D. like? What kind of fruit?

  • Lots of questions, if you know all the answers... then you watch scrubs too often or cheat :p
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