Matt Price (were1) wrote in scrubstrivia,
Matt Price

Quiz 503 - 504

Same rules as always kids! No looking at the episodes while answering these questions. That's cheating, and where's the fun in that?

  • How old is J.D.?

  • Why would you leave your friends behind?

  • How many surgery attendees spots are there at Sacred Heart?

  • Who'd turk like to sleep with? Dr.Cox?

  • What's Jordans full name?

  • What's more important then ruining a career by plunging a knife into a completely conscious person?

  • How do you decide who introduces Kelso at an award banquette?

  • What color is the terror alert in Laverns armpits?

  • Why is Turk stuck in the candy machine?

  • It's a little late, so I threw in a few more questions then usual. Enjoy! (I'll try to get this weeks episodes up faster).
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